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How To Pick The Best Frame Colour For Your Skin Tone?

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Looking for the right sunglasses is a struggle. Sunglasses are a style statement nowadays, not just an accessory. Sometimes it’s daunting to find the perfect piece for your skin tone. It is not just finding the one that suits your face but also the one that makes you look confident and empowered. Therefore, it should be the one that represents who you are.

Your facial shape should be a major consideration when selecting frames. After all, the right pair complements your facial features.  

Your facial angles are one of the most influential parts of your new look. Several factors need to be considered before buying the ideal pair of sunglasses. Some of them are:

  • Face Shape
  • Face Size
  • Color and
  • Style

When you are selecting both frames and lenses for your sunglasses, you should consider your skin tone. Before starting to find one meant for you, you need to understand your color tone. The two types of skin toes are:

  1. Cool skin tones

A cool skin tone can be determined if your skin turns red instead of tan under sun exposure and have blue veins instead of green plus blue, green, & grey eyes. 

  1. Warm Skin Tones

If your skin gets tanned under sun exposure and has green veins under the skin then you have a warm skin tone. 

Another easy and simple way to check on your skin tone is if gold makes you appear vibrant, you belong to a warm skin tone but if silver makes your skin appear radiant you belong to a cool skin tone.

Once you’ve determined the form of your face, & type of skin you’ll want to decide which frame best suits it.

But before that, you can also give a close look at your face shape type. After you’ve decided on the best sunglasses for your skin tone, you should think about the shape of your face. Faces can be categorized into oval, round, heart, and diamond shapes. The next step is to determine your head size. In terms of wide and tall. Head size is different from face size. Your head size will determine the size of the lens you needed for sufficient sun protection.

Frame Shape is more about the style and vibe you’re going for and everything around the lens is secondary—final tips before buying perfect sunglasses for your skin.

  1. Adjust the frame style based on your head size or preference
  2. That fits your “Eyewear SweetSpot”
  3. Round shapes are good to start with.

Because you want to maintain face shape continuity, choose a frame that is comparable in color to your skin tone.


Your glasses should be functional for your daily activities as well. You could want a pair for gaming, long work days in front of a glaring screen, or reading to alleviate eye strain. And if you’re an athlete, having flexible frames that won’t break when bent is ideal.

Finally, your frames should reflect your personality and sense of style. For weekends out with pals, you might want a lively, flirty pair. And a more polished yet adorable pair for the office. All that counts is that the frame and color make you pleased and confident.

Now is the time to choose the right sunglasses that reflects your style and the statement you want to make to the world with Sam and Marshall!

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