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Three Decades Back

The nostalgic cycle, total artform of historical past. The spirit of youth and anarchy althrough the fashion of the 90’s and 80’s.


4rth In a row.


Sam and marshall eyewear

Imagine yourself wearing jeans and a t-shirt and adding these retro sunglasses to get that vibe going. Great vintage accessories to get are: gloves, sunglasses, purses, scarves, and hats. Meanwhile here are the sunglasses.

₹1499/- including everything.

Chained Sunglasses

The Evolution.

Style in the 1980s was influenced a lot by music. During this time punk rock, rap, and heavy metal music became very popular. Women’s hair and jewelry were big, and their makeup was bright with lots of colors. People involved in the punk rock world wore a lot of black clothing with heavy eyeliner. Both men and women wore a lot of fitness clothes; this included a lot of colorful tights.

The Chain story.

Eyewear chains have officially gotten the high-fashion seal of approval. For a while, the trend was exclusive to your grandma and frat boys (a weird combo). This season, the retro style got the chic revival it deserved, and eyewear chains have officially evolved from strictly functional to full-blown fashionable.

#Take clue

Trends 2021

In 2021, elevate your rectangle sunglasses with shady, mono colors. From smoky sunnies to olive green, these colors are instantly uplifting. These feel like a vacation. If you err on the minimal side, opt for chunky white frames.

Ever since 2021 began, we’ve been hitting refresh and embracing the energy the start of a new year brings—especially in fashion. Now is the time to dissect the latest trends of 2021 and mark which are for you versus which you can do without. Today’s trend focus is eyewear.

Family time

I have just received my parcel and from the day after ordering i was little bit tensed if the glass will be upto my expectations or not. BUT trust me I was so much overwhelmed after unboxing the parcel, i was literally jumping off the roof.Omg i am in love with this brand. Would love to purchase more in future. Thank you so much . This is what i was looking for soooo long and finally i got it. Seems like someone's going to have a best Eid .

Masu Raji.

This is one of most customer oriented online store I have ever visited. I had ordered an eyeglasses and was not satisfied with it due to my personal reasons , guess what! They were ready to send a replacement right away without even returning the first one. A Definite recommend and has cool varieties of glasses and even cooler customer service .

Alwin T Joesph.

My first ever pleasant experience with you guys , couldn't ask for more then this . Now i feel like i wanna order everyday from you . And i can assure everyone that S&M will reach their glorious height in coming days . Best wishes with heartfull of blessings. Keep your your good work .

Ritesh Aggarwal.

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Do you need Lens advice?

1.Stock Lens (FREE)

Stock lens are pre-fitted zero power lens that come with your eyeglasses. They do not have any special properties but can be used for general purposes but not as power lens or any protective lenses.

2. Blue-cut Lens with Zero
Power (*699/-)

  • Sam & Marshall’s Blue-cut lens with zero power blocks harmful rays from digital devices like T.V’s , Smartphones,Laptops etc. These lens filters out the blue-light and let your eyes relax and reduces the stress caused by digital devices on your eyes.
  • These lens are perfect for any laptop/smartphone user who wishes to take prevention from eyesight related diseases.


NOTE: In case of any Prescription Eyeglasses/Sunglasses, no return/refund will be offered for customized lens. If wrong prescription values are entered at the time of order, or any other issue from customer end, the refund will not be done.

  • Single vision lenses are a type of glasses lens that correct vision for a single distance. That means that they work for people that are nearsighted or farsighted, but not for those who are both.
  • Denoting a lens having two parts each with a different focal length, one for distant vision and one for near vision.
  • These lens are similar to bifocals but do not have a seperation line in between. The power changes from point to point on lens

1. Hardcoat Lens(₹249)

Scratch resistant coating or hard coating provide lenses with durability and increased longevity. A high quality thermally cured hardcoat provides the best scratch resistance.

2. Antiglare Lens(₹399)

Scratch resistant coating or hard coating provide lenses with durability and increased longevity. A high quality thermally cured hardcoat provides the best scratch resistance.

3. Blue-Cut Lens(₹699)

Scratch resistant coating or hard coating provide lenses with durability and increased longevity. A high quality thermally cured hardcoat provides the best scratch resistance.

4. Photochromic Lens

Photochromic lenses are eyeglass lenses that darken when exposed to UV light and lighten when the UV light is removed. They are popular for outdoor activities as they provide protection from the sun's harmful UV rays while still allowing for clear vision in different lighting conditions. Photochromic lenses are available in both prescription and non-prescription forms and can be used for both eyeglasses and sunglasses.