Brand Wars! New age branding competitions!

Business now-a-days involves a lot of competition, most of the budget of a company is spent on advertisements on different platforms around the globe. It is interesting to see such brand-wars in which consumers are benefited the most!

Audi vs BMW

These luxury car makers, in addition to creatively designing their cars, design some super creative and witty advertisements too.

Few years ago, these car makers had an ongoing brand advertisement war just after BMW released an Advertisement campaign for the 35th MOA Rally. The advertisement war, though started as any other ambush marketing tactic, looked like as banners were conversing with each other.

Pepsi vs Coca cola

Pepsi and Coca Cola stands first in line when we talk about advertising wars. They know the importance of each other and the competition, yet they come out with really exciting and witty advertisements against each other.

Mc Donald’s vs Burger King

McDonald’s and Burger King are known for their burgers and other fast food items. But McD, because of its greater presence, has an upper hand over Burger King. This USP of McDonald’s was showcased in one of their advertisements in France where they put a directional Billboard of Burger King being 258 KMs ahead and McD being just 5 KMs ahead

Microsoft Vs. Google Chrome

Google Chrome, being a ubiquitous browser and being a part of the google family, has an edge over Microsoft edge and other browsers like firefox and opera. The same was depicted in a digital advertisement launched by chrome

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